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Celebrating 100 Days

Herbert Hoover students celebrate the 100th day of school.

Exploring Makerspace

Herbert Hoover students exploring Makerspace projects.

5th Grade Students Learn a Folk Dance

Herbert Hoover 5th grade students having fun learning a folk dance in Mrs. Kannenberg's music class.

Learning About Electricity

4th grade students were given a battery, a wire, and a light bulb. Then they had to figure out how to light the light bulb!

Snuggle Up with a Good Book

Mrs. Cripe's 2nd grade students on Snuggle Up with a Good Book.

Discovery at the Wapsi

Herbert Hoover 4th grade students exploring and discovering at Wapsi Environmental Center.

Collecting for Kings Harvest Animal Shelter

Herbert Hoover students show their collection of donations for Kings Harvest Animal Shelter.

Students Learn About the American Flag

Herbert Hoover students learn about the history of the American flag and flag etiquette.