Kris McKissick Awarded BCSD Employee of the 3rd Quarter

Kris McKissick Awarded BCSD Employee of the 3rd Quarter

Mar 21, 2023


Congratulations to Kris McKissick for being selected as one of the BCSD Employees of the 3rd Quarter!

For inspiring exceptional service and attitude, demonstrating a commitment to her job and school, and involvement above and beyond expectations.

Kris McKissick

1st Grade Teacher
Herbert Hoover Elementary

Kris is an exceptional teacher! She is a kind and compassionate. Her students always know they have a teacher who cares for them. Kris has always had a special place in her heart for the students who are "ornery," need a little extra love, and those who don't have many friends. She makes a huge impact on their relationships with others and more importantly how they feel about themselves! Kris is also a fierce advocate for the academically struggling student. She seeks out resources and ensures her students have every opportunity to learn.

Kris is a supportive and complimentary colleague. She knows how to have fun and make the staff laugh, but she is also a great leader who will help guide others to continue to grow. Kris has the perfect combination of compassion and a heart of gold.

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